Consejo: Ableton Live 10 Performance Test. (Comparaciones)

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Consejo: Ableton Live 10 Performance Test. (Comparaciones)

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Encontré este test y tal vez les sea de utilidad. Esta prueba fue creada para permitir a los usuarios comparar el rendimiento de Ableton Live 10 en diferentes configuraciones de computadora. (instrucciones en inglés)
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1. Set your audio buffer to 512 samples in the Audio Preferences window in Live. The easiest way to do this is to select this field with your mouse and press the Delete Key. (The default is 512 samples).
2. Set Audio Input Device to "No Device"
3. Sample Rate to "44100",
4. Driver Error Compensation to "0.00ms" in Live's Audio Preferences window.
5. Make sure that only one pair of Outputs is active if your soundcard has multiple outs.

Instructions for the test
1. Open Live's Help View (Help Menu - Help View)
2. Select What's New In Live 10.
3. Open the Live Set for the Lesson.
4. Play the Lesson's 16 track demo Live Set and note the highest CPU load reported by the CPU meter.
5. Extra Credit - Copy all 16 tracks to make 32 tracks and repeat until Live's audio is disrupted. Note the maximum number of tracks played.

Please use the following format
Fill in as much information as you can to make the test as worthwhile as possible for others:
1. Ableton Live CPU Meter % with the the Live Set for the Lesson. (#4 above)
2. Maximum number of playback tracks? (#5 above)
3. Laptop/Desktop? Make/Model?
4. Operating System?
5. Ableton Live version?
6. CPU Make, Model, and Speed?
7. Amount of Ram?
8. Soundcard (and driver version if you know it)?
9. Hard Disk type (SSD or HDD) and Speed (if you know)?
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