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[Album] Christian Hornbostel - Liber Secretus (2020) REVIEW

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[Album] Christian Hornbostel - Liber Secretus (2020) REVIEW

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Review: With 'Liber Secretus', Christian Hornbostel showcases, -in my personal opinion-, some of his finest tunes done. Since the very beginning of the LP, with the intro track 'Synchronia et Diachronia', until the outro, 'Sapere Aude', this albums never aparts from its banging techno groove, while the producer, track by track, explores a wide and elegant range of hypnotic and surrealistic beats, that conform a sophisticated structure of sound for this album divided in 14 outstanding track. Great album.


01. Synchronia et Diachronia (Intro)
02. Aestus
03. Ipso Facto
04. Mysterium
05. Genius Loci
06. Abstractus
07. Vis Cogitativa
08. Decretum Saecularis
09. Vis et Robur
10. Repetita Iuvant
11. Phantasma
12. Intellectus Agens
13. Planisphaerium
14. Sapere Aude (Outro)

Label: Praedikat Records Release Date: November 10th, 2020

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