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Echoplex Techno Masterclass - First German Edition, Berlin

Offer or look for private services or master classes to learn the art of Djing and Music Production here.
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Echoplex Techno Masterclass - First German Edition, Berlin

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Techno Masterclass and VOID are joining forces to spread knowledge about TECHNO! In cooperation with Soleil Records - one of the longest operating electronic music labels in Europe, we have prepared a two-day workshop on creating TECHNO music!

> Do you try to compose your own techno tracks but can't finish them?

> Do you make your own music but feel like it could be improved?

> Do you find getting the right balance between kick and bass challenging?

> Do you want to improve your own mastery, craft and develop an effective work-flow?

> Are you using many different plugins and hardware but want to find out which devices and pluggins are really used by Techno producers?

> Do you make your productions but want to find out how some important tracks or albums by Echoplex and Post Scriptum were made for key Techno labels in the world like Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure New York, Synewave, Sonic Groove, Black Nation?

> Do you have your tracks ready and you want to present them live, but you don't know how to go about this?

> Do you want to learn about the creative strategies of the artistic development using specialized tools like Mmap, SMART and Balance W?

Or maybe you are just interested in techno music, are thinking about its production and would like to start creating your tracks?

If yes!" was your answer to any of the questions, then ECHOPLEX Techno Masterclass is just for you!

The program includes:

- Workshops and lectures on techno production
- Demonstrations, practical exercises, presentations,
- Case studies, analysis, access to Ableton sessions
- Demonstrations of mix down.
- Synth Jam
- Competition
- Feedback session
- Discussion panel and QA

During this intensive workshop, Echoplex & Post Scriptum will guide you through: recording, producing, designing sound both on hardware and software, and preparing and playing your own live act.

Saturday: 12:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 15:00 - 21:00
limited number of places available

Ticket info reservation:


Echoplex (Soleil, Synewave, Soma, ARTS)

Composer, producer, sound engineer, DJ, owner of the Soleil Records label, Echoplex, a mainstay of techno circles around the world for over 30 years, has built a reputation as one of the most unique electronic music artists in a variety of styles and aliases.

Inspired by the soundtrack to such films as Space Odyssey 2001, TRON or Star Wars, he became interested in the world of electronic sounds at a very young age. He attended the F. Chopin music school in Warsaw, where he played the drums and sang in the Gregorian choir.

Echoplex was lucky that at a time when Poland was divided by the Iron Curtain, he set off into the world, starting in Italy, where at the age of 13 he became a club resident, after 2 years he crossed the ocean and landed in Windsor (next to Detroit).

Echoplex, found a partner in crime in his techno friend Damon Wild, and began releasing singles on the legendary Synewave Records, solo as well as part of the joint project Niteworks.

In early 2000, the time was right for Echoplex to launch his own label, Soleil Records, with their own EP The World Energy. Later returning from "This Is My Techno Melody" and The Solar Experience, Echoplex fused the 90s rave with precision only possible with modern production techniques.

With discography now stretching into triple digits on labels such as Soleil, Synewave, ARTS and Soma, Echoplex has toured all over Europe, Asia and the Americas, rocking festival crowds and massive club nights. He was one of the few who performed many times at the legendary Berghain and Tresor clubs. He was also heard at the Creamfields, Awakenings, Audioriver, Atonal festival just to name a few.

Now, as a professional and certified trainer, he transfers his skills and acquired knowledge to the next wave of techno artists around the world. He specializes in sound design and live performances (and despite many years of work in this field, he is still working on perfecting his own techniques).

He currently lives in Scotland and is setting up a short tour with unique performances and workshops to be announced soon.

Post Scriptum
(Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure, Sonic Groove)

Post Scriptum’s music is an acoustic reflection of the existential loss of today's civilization. It's an industrial sci-fi-techno-punk that uses sensory and emotional stimulation with surgical accuracy.

Post Scriptum, despite being a techno underground character for over two decades, emerged as a fresh and fully formed identity in 2015 with his deeply debut album "Post Scriptum 01", released by Function’s label - Infrastructure NY. Post Scriptum further polished his technique, appearing on Ostgut Ton limited edition 12inch, Berghain 07 and the Facticity compilation, alongside such producers like Rrose, Silent Servant and Vatican Shadow.

With the founding of his own PS label in 2016, came the EP "Year Zero", a quantum leap towards more distorted textures and ever sharper beats, while maintaining the deadly sense of surgical precision that makes Post Scriptum stand out from the crowd. Currently, Post Scriptum, in addition to the planned album for 2021, shares his know-how and techno knowledge around the world during special Echoplex Techno Masterclass workshops.

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